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Master Plan

MYR has been working on a Master Plan Update that will guide development over the next 20 years

The first of two public meetings for the MYR Master Plan Update finished on January 15, 2021.  Over 1,000 participants visited this Master Plan webpage during the month-long online meeting to review the presentation and provide comments or questions.  Thank you for your input and interest in MYR! 

We have considered your comments and are in the process of working with the FAA to finalize the preferred development plan.  Please use the Contact Us tab to provide your email information if you would like to be notified in advance of the second public meeting, which is planned for early 2022.  In the meantime, materials provided during Public Meeting #1 will remain available here for your reference.

Meeting Welcome

Director's Introduction

Meet Scott Van Moppes, Director of Airports at the Horry County Department of Airports, as he shares a few words about Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) and this study.

What Is A Master Plan?

Airport Development Strategy

An Airport Master Plan is an FAA-required document that serves as a strategy for airport development and describes the need for and timing of airport improvements over a 20-year timeframe.

The Master Plan also serves to ensure that new airport facilities are located and sized appropriately for future growth while preserving the flexibility necessary to respond to changing industry conditions.

Featured in this video: 

  • Strategy for airport development
  • Describes the need for and timing of airport improvements over the next 20 years
  • Required by FAA for all commercial service airports
Master Plan Update Components
  • Existing Conditions Inventory (Completed)
  • Aviation Activity Forecasts (Completed)
  • Facility Requirements (Completed)
  • Alternative Development & Analysis
  • Implementation Plan
  • Reports & Drawing Set

Why conduct a Master Plan Update?

Increased airport activity results in needed improvements

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airport was experiencing dramatic growth in several areas that resulted in the need to consider capacity enhancement projects and an update to the 2001 Airport Master Plan.

Featured in this video:

  • Passenger Growth at MYR
  • Increase in Larger Aircraft causing Gate Limitations
  • Curb Congestion
  • Cell Lot Access Road Congestion
  • Demand for more Hangars

2020 Master Plan Re-start

Leisure travel improves MYR's resiliency

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on aviation worldwide, MYR is seeing signs of recovery.

Since June, Myrtle Beach has been significantly outpacing the national recovery for airline travel. While the timeframe for recovery is uncertain, the response of MYR activity levels to previous aviation downturns is encouraging.

Featured in this video:

  • MYR is recovering at a faster pace than the rest of the country
  • MYR has recovered from past downturns in aviation and COVID-19 will be no different

Existing Facilities

A look at the current MYR facilities

MYR’s facilities serve a wide range of functions and successfully handle some 120,000 aircraft operations and 2.5 million total passengers annually. Most notable for commercial travel is the passenger terminal.

On the opposite side of the runway, the airport also provides facilities for General Aviation users (corporate users and private pilots) including a second terminal and aircraft hangars.

MPU Study Information:

  • 1. Commercial Terminal
  • 2. Rental Car Facility
  • 3. Air Traffic Control Tower
  • 4. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station
  • 5. Facilities Maintenance Building
  • 6. Commercial Fuel Farm
  • 7. General Aviation Terminal
  • 8. Vehicle Maintenance Facility
  • 9. T-Hanger
  • 10. Airside Technical Services
  • 11. Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation
  • 12. Aircraft Storage Hangar
  • 13. Aircraft Storage Hangar
  • 14. Executive Helijet Hangar
  • 15. General Aviation Fuel Farm
  • 16. Maintenance Hangar
  • 17. Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA)
  • 18. Maintenance Hangar
  • 19. Myrtle Airline Services Hangar
  • 20 Prescott Support Hangar

Aviation Forecasts

What is the 20-year activity outlook?

In order to plan for and properly size future facilities, aviation forecasts were prepared for a wide range of airport activity types, including passengers, aircraft operations, freight, based aircraft, etc.

In response to uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, forecast study years (2023, 2028, and 2038) have been translated to Planning Activity Levels (PAL 1, PAL 2, and PAL 3), which will allow MYR to properly time future improvements based on actual airport activity.

Facility Requirements

What future facilities are anticipated?

After the aviation forecasts are approved by the FAA, they are compared with existing capacity and used to determine facility requirements.

The outcomes of this analysis will be utilized to formulate development alternatives that can best meet future demand.

MPU Study Information:

Click on any are below to see more summary of requirements for future periods:

Project Schedule

What are the Master Plan Update next steps?

The Existing Conditions Inventory, Aviation Forecasts, and Facility Requirements components of the MPU study have been completed.

The next steps include reviewing and addressing your comments as we continue forward with the Alternatives Analysis and Implementation Plan portions of the project.

Another public meeting is planned for Summer 2021 to receive community feedback on these final study components.

MPU Study Information:

Master Plan Update Project Schedule

  • Winter 2018/2019: Existing Conditions Inventory
  • Summer 2019: Aviation Activity Forecasts
  • Winter 2019/2020: Facility Requirements
  • Public Involvement Meeting (We Are Here!)
  • Winter 2020/2021: Alternative Analysis
  • Summer 2021: Implementation Plan (End of Public & Stakeholder Input)
  • Fall: 2021: Master Plan Technical Report
  • Fall 2021: Airport Layout Plan Set

What is Your Role?

Thank your for viewing our online public meeting

The first of two public meetings for the MYR Master Plan Update finished on January 15, 2021. To receive notification regarding Meeting #2, please click on Contact Us and provide your e-mail address.

We appreciate your interest in Myrtle Beach International Airport and look forward to meeting with you in Summer 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of commenters provided development reccomendations or requested additional airline services similar to the following:

The vast majority of commenters provided development recommendations or requested additional airline services similar to the following:

Will the Master Plan include additional flights to new locations across the US, new carriers, and/or later flight times?

MYR is proud to offer 8 airlines and 50 nonstop destinations. While our offerings are robust, we continue to work closely with our airline partners on air service development, as well as pursue new markets and airlines.  Airline network planning teams select new destinations based on detailed criteria set forth by the airline and are ultimately responsible for adding new/extending current air service.

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