Gates A1 and A2 at Myrtle Beach International Airport with Nacho Hippo pictured in the background

Get Your Steps In...

Starting at Nacho Hippo, it’s easy to get your steps in at MYR!

• Nacho Hippo to Gate B1 is 212 steps or 0.10 of a mile.
• Nacho Hippo to Gate B6 is 425 steps or 0.20 of a mile.
• Nacho Hippo to Gate A7  is 127 steps or 0.06 of a mile.

Use That Carry-on

You're already lugging around a 20-plus pound bag, you might as well use it to your advantage. Find the nearest staircase (not escalators) and begin walking up-and-down the steps. Move the carry on from side-to-side to work different muscle groups and your back!
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