Pets are an extension of your family - you can't leave them behind!
Traveling without your pets is not an option - now you don't have to. MYR is a pet-friendly airport, with a few exceptions, and can accommodate your pet's needs. Be sure to check with your airline to see their policies on your furry friends before you get to the airport.


Located on the second floor in the Terminal Building and outside of Door #6 in the Baggage Claim are Pet Relief Areas to give your traveling companion a place to do their business. We ask that pet owners clean up behind their animals using waste bags and receptacles provided. 


Myrtle Beach International Airport is pet-friendly, but individual airlines may have restrictions, fees, rules, and regulations on what breed of animal may travel and if an animal can be a carry on or must be checked. Contact your airline in advance of your flight for more information on traveling with your pet. 


Service animals are welcome at Myrtle Beach International Airport, but are subjected to TSA screenings as are all travelers. Under TSA regulations, service animals will not be removed from their owner, but must pass through stand-up metal detectors and are subjected to additional screening if the detector alarms.
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