Quiet Room

Traveling can be stressful, take a break in our Quiet Room
The Quiet Room at Myrtle Beach International Airport was built for people with special needs who need to de-stress and has been lauded by the Champion Autism Network for its adherence of TSA's Passenger Support services. Now, the Quiet Room is available for all travelers who need a place to relax and recharge. The Quiet Room is not intended for sleeping.

CALL (843) 839-7372

Located in the Baggage Claim area, the Quiet Room is a great place to find peace in the trying times that traveling can present. From the arrivals area, move toward Baggage Claim and find Room #171, call (843) 839-7372, or ask an Airport Ambassador for assistance. 


Aside from the Quiet Room, Myrtle Beach International Airport can provide other options to destress during your travels. Take a walk around the Terminal Building, grab a seat in an Adirondack chair and watch the planes take off, or buy a book from Hudson News to escape.
Champion Autism Network, Inc. (CAN) is a nonprofit Autism awareness organization based in Surfside Beach. CAN was founded in 2012 with a goal to raise Autism awareness, reduce criticism and judgment and help families with children on the Autism spectrum develop a network of like-minded people and supporters.

CAN's website features information on Autism friendly travel, activities, and events around the Grand Strand. 
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