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Master Plan

MYR has been working on a Master Plan Update that will guide development over the next 20 years

Welcome to the second, and final, public meeting for the Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) Master Plan Update. View the study information by clicking through the tabs to the left. Please use the Contact Us tab to ask questions or provide input regarding the Preferred Development Alternative or the Master Plan Update. Comments are due by May 13, 2022.

What Is An Airport  Master Plan?

Airport Development Strategy

An Airport Master Plan is an FAA-required document that serves as a strategy for airport development and describes the need for and timing of airport improvements over a 20-year timeframe. The Master Plan also serves to ensure that new airport facilities are located and sized appropriately for future growth, while preserving the flexibility necessary to respond to changing industry conditions.

Featured in this video: 

  • Strategy for airport development
  • Describes the need for and timing of airport improvements over the next 20 years
  • Required by FAA for all commercial service airports
Master Plan Update Components
  • Existing Conditions Inventory (Completed)
  • Aviation Activity Forecasts (Completed)
  • Facility Requirements (Completed)
  • Alternative Development & Analysis
  • Implementation Plan
  • Reports & Drawing Set

MYR is Resilient

Increased airport activity results in needed improvements

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted aviation worldwide, but MYR has experienced a significant recovery. Since June of 2020, Myrtle Beach has significantly outpaced the national recovery for airline travel. MYR’s 2021 passenger activity levels have exceeded those of 2019 and continue to grow.

Forecast Comparison

COVID 19 Recovery and Resiliency

COVID-19 has impacted the overall Master Plan Update schedule, with the FAA approving the activity forecasts before the pandemic began. So, how do actual activity levels compare to our forecast levels? MYR’s enplanement levels have recovered and are on trend with our forecast levels.

Facility Requirements

What is Needed?

After the aviation forecasts were approved by the FAA, they were compared with existing capacity and used to determine facility requirements. The outcomes of this analysis were utilized to formulate development alternatives that can best meet future demand and are the focus of this second public meeting.

Airfield Development

The airfield refers to all the pavements and facilities on the runway side of the passenger terminal building. The need for additional airfield capacity is not anticipated during the 20-year planning period. Therefore, the majority of the proposed improvements are related to the approach lighting system and relocation and strengthening of Taxiway B.

Terminal Development

The terminal building is located east of the runway and includes Concourses A and B, which have 12 existing aircraft gates. Proposed development results in expansions of existing Concourses A and B, and the addition of a new southern Concourse C. The proposed improvements would provide 25 total gates.

Click on any are below to see more summary of requirements for future periods:

Landside Development

Landside development includes parking lots and terminal access areas. Improvements proposed include reconfiguration of the airport loop road to aid in wayfinding and ease congestion in front of the terminal building, as well as additional/reconfigured passenger, employee, and rental car parking areas.

Master Plan Update Project Schedule

  • Winter 2018/2019: Existing Conditions Inventory
  • Summer 2019: Aviation Activity Forecasts
  • Winter 2019/2020: Facility Requirements
  • Public Involvement Meeting (We Are Here!)
  • Winter 2020/2021: Alternative Analysis
  • Summer 2021: Implementation Plan (End of Public & Stakeholder Input)
  • Fall: 2021: Master Plan Technical Report
  • Fall 2021: Airport Layout Plan Set

General Aviation Development

The general aviation area of the airport is located on the western side of the runway, across from the commercial terminal. The preferred general aviation development alternative focuses on providing much needed hangar capacity for based aircraft, as well as cargo facilities.

Airport Support Development

Maintenance areas and fuel storage facilities are considered airport support facilities. The main component of the preferred airport support alternative is an expanded fuel farm to accommodate the increase in aircraft operations over the 20-year planning period. A new consolidated airport maintenance facility is also proposed.

Project Schedule

Next steps include reviewing and addressing your comments as we move forward with development of the Implementation Plan for the proposed improvements. Finalization of the Master Plan Update is anticipated in Spring of 2023, following several agency reviews.

What is Your Role?

Thank your for viewing our online public meeting

Please provide your comments or questions by May 13, 2022, via the Contact Us tab to the left. You may also request a call from a member of our Master Plan team if you have specific questions you’d like to discuss regarding the Preferred Development Alternative. Thank you for your participation!
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