Meeting Passengers

Welcoming your friends, loved ones, or colleagues to the Grand Strand is easy. Whether you intend to pick up curbside or want to go inside to greet your traveler in the terminal, the most important thing is knowing where to go and when to be there.

Where to Park

If you are planning to pick up a traveler curbside at MYR, use the free Cell Phone Parking Lot located off Jetport Road or utilize the Short Term Lot if you wish to meet your passenger inside. Curbside drop off is available for quick exits or park in the Short Term Lot to see your traveler off to the security checkpoint. The curbside in front of the Terminal Building is for active loading and unloading only. Unattended cars are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner's expense.

Terminal Pickup

The ground floor of the Terminal Building has an available seating area to wait for arriving passengers.


Passengers arriving on a domestic flight may be met in the center of the Terminal Building on the lower level at the base of the arrival staircase and escalators, near the Boardwalk Cafe. 

International arrivals will exit Customs on the sidewalk in front of the Terminal Building near the MYR sign and can be met at that location.


On the first floor of the Terminal Building, Baggage Claim is an area for family and friends to meet passengers as they arrive and collect their luggage.


Curbside pickup is a quick, free option for picking up passengers at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Loading & Unloading

The area in front of the Terminal Building is to be used for active loading and unloading only. For those wishing to meet a passenger inside the building, Valet parking and Short Term parking are both convenient options, available for a fee.

Where to Park

Our Cell Phone Lot is a free and easy way to wait for your traveler.  Here, you can park and wait for a phone call until your traveler is ready to be picked up curbside.  Commercial vehicles are not allowed in this lot and vehicles must be attended at all times.