Latrobe, PA

Latrobe is a city in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in the United States and part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. It is known as the home of golfer Arnold Palmer.
Latrobe may be the gateway city to Pittsburgh, but there is plenty to stay and see. This Pennsylvania city is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp, perfect for football fans to watch their favorite team up close and personal. The Steelers Experience lets kids get in on the football action with the players and coaches, all in the picturesque setting of the Laurel Highlands. Latrobe is famous for its role in beer production as the original home of Rolling Rock and the current home of the Iron City Brewing Company and Duquesne Bottling Company. Latrobe is also the home of golfer Arnold Palmer and the childhood home of Fred Rogers of the PBS series “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!” If you’re looking for even more to enjoy, Pittsburgh is just a day trip away. 


Latrobe is a great place to visit and is known for many things and people including the Latrobe Brewery (the original brewer of Rolling Rock beer), Saint Vincent College (where the Pittsburgh Steelers hold their training camp every summer), golfer Arnold Palmer, Mr. Fred Rogers, and the first banana split!

Latrobe Country Club

Play golf on the same groomed fairways of Pittsburgh legend, Arnold Palmer. Here, the famous golfer learned how to play the game. This 18-hole golf course was designed by Arnold's father and has all of the amenities needed to become a pro golfer in no time.

Getting there

Airlines serving Latrobe, PA from Myrtle Beach International Airport