Islip/Long Island, NY

Long Island offers something for everyone, from families and couples to singles and seniors. Beaches, golf, art, history, culture, kid's attractions, farmland, and parkland. Get a glimpse of what Long Island has to offer by viewing our photos and videos. You'll find plenty of ideas to help plan your visit here.
Long Island is an expansive, densely populated island in southeastern New York State, stretching east from New York City. Along its Atlantic coast are Jones Beach State Park, Fire Island, and Montauk Point State Park, the latter home to the late-1700s Montauk Lighthouse. On the east end, the North Fork is home to wineries and the Hamptons are towns characterized by upscale homes, trendy restaurants, and antique shops.


If there’s a single truth about Long Island, it’s that one adventure quickly leads to another. This great stretch of sand and surf, history and culture, culinary excellence, and local farm stands is New York’s playground. You’ll find exceptional experiences here and you won’t always expect what you find. Long Island likes to surprise you in the best possible ways.

Gatsby's Gold Coast

Just a short ride from New York City on Long Island’s north shore lies a place of uninhibited wealth and opulence immortalized in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby. Many of the mansions on the “Gold Coast,” so-called due to the huge concentration of fortunes here, are known to have inspired the setting in The Great Gatsby and are open for the public’s perusal and enjoyment.

Getting there

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