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Date Of Birth:
19 lbs
Conway, SC
Favorite Treat:
Whipped cream
Favorite Activity:
Resting on bed pillows
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Meet Disco, the Windsprite born in Conway, SC, who truly embodies a feline spirit. She adores indulging in whipped cream and has a peculiar habit of lounging on bed pillows, just like a cat. If you're looking for her around the house, prepare for a challenge, as Disco can be hard to find. You'll often discover her comfortably settled on one of the cozy beds, refusing to budge for hours. Despite her cat-like behavior, Disco is remarkably calm and laid-back. Her body language, influenced by her sighthound lineage, might appear a bit unusual, leading some to believe she's nervous. Disco is quick to show her affectionate side by gently nudging your hand, much like a contented feline seeking attention. Unless, of course, a squirrel catches her attention. Then her ears perk up, and her tail assumes an alert position, ready for a thrilling chase.

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