Meet Orio, a cheerful and adventurous Dalmatian from Conway, SC. Orio is a true bacon enthusiast and finds great joy in devouring this delicious treat. Her favorite pastimes include playing Frisbee and kayaking. Orio is always excited for her weekly airport visits and is known for her friendly and outgoing nature. While she's a fun-loving companion, Orio also enjoys being productive. She loves dropping toys on your lap and engaging in activities such as scent work and rallies, showcasing her work ethic and enthusiasm.

Meet Freyja, the lively Dalmatian from Conway, SC. She's a true go-anywhere companion, excelling in competitive sports like scent work and lure coursing. Freyja is an AKC trick dog with an impressive repertoire of tricks that she loves to perform for an audience. She has a particular fondness for apple slices and strawberries, savoring their flavors with gusto. When she's not dazzling crowds, you can find her at the beach, happily blowing bubbles in tide pools with her nose. Freyja is a delightful and adventurous canine, always spreading joy wherever she goes.