Tia, a lovable Greyhound born in Calabash, NC, in January 2015, found her true calling as a pet therapist after a brief stint as a racer in Florida. Adopted by Totty and Dan, she quickly became a cherished presence, delighting in the affection of those she met at the Charlotte Douglas airport and Carolina Renaissance Festival, as well as various local dog events. Exceptionally skilled at providing solace, Tia became a source of comfort for therapy clients at her mom's office, her gentle demeanor and velvety ears lending a calming touch. In December 2021, she embraced a new chapter by relocating to the scenic North Carolina beaches relishing beach strolls, naps, and explorations at Sunset Beach Park. While bringing joy to patients and staff at Novant Hospital in Bolivia, NC, she eagerly anticipates resuming her role as an airport pet therapist at MYR, where her heartwarming presence will uplift many more.

Meet Jasmine, a retired racing Greyhound from Florida, now enjoying the easy life in Murrells Inlet, SC. This 40 mph couch potato's true passion lies in devouring chicken and strolling along the sandy shores, digging in the sand, and jumping in the waves. Jasmine's affectionate nature shines through whenever she's petted, as she will likely come in close and lean on you (her version of a hug). She takes delight in exploring every scent that crosses her path, making the most of every moment.