Meet Moose, the friendly and outgoing Bichon Frise/Maltese mix from Myrtle Beach, SC. Despite being a stray in Chicago initially, he now enjoys the good life filled with whipped cream and French Fry treats. Moose's playful nature is evident as he joyfully runs around the house with his beloved green dinosaur toy, Dino. Moose is always ready to say hello to anyone and craving belly rubs.

Ling Ling, a Pekingese/Shih Tzu mix from Loris, SC, was discovered living under a bridge in Jesup, Georgia. A kind-hearted woman took it upon herself to feed Ling Ling for three consecutive days before deciding to give her a home. Fortunately, she reached out to the rescue organization WAGS. When Ling Ling was adopted, she was severely underweight, suffered from painful mastitis, and had lost almost all her fur. Despite her hardships, Ling Ling remained gentle, calm, and full of energy. She has earned every AKC certificate available for Therapy Dogs and enjoys indulging in healthy treats and riding the Golf Cart.