Hip Hop

Meet Hip Hop, the observant Windsprite sighthound born in Conway, SC. This quiet boy turns playful when excited and enjoys watching the world around him. Hip Hop's favorite treat is whipped cream, and he loves spending time with his canine siblings, engaging in playful activities. On walks, he eagerly sniffs his way through the neighborhood, carrying his ears back and tail down like a typical sighthound. When he craves more affection, he gently nudges your hand with his pointy nose.

Meet Disco, the Windsprite born in Conway, SC, who truly embodies a feline spirit. She adores indulging in whipped cream and has a peculiar habit of lounging on bed pillows, just like a cat. If you're looking for her around the house, prepare for a challenge, as Disco can be hard to find. You'll often discover her comfortably settled on one of the cozy beds, refusing to budge for hours. Despite her cat-like behavior, Disco is remarkably calm and laid-back. Her body language, influenced by her sighthound lineage, might appear a bit unusual, leading some to believe she's nervous. Disco is quick to show her affectionate side by gently nudging your hand, much like a contented feline seeking attention. Unless, of course, a squirrel catches her attention. Then her ears perk up, and her tail assumes an alert position, ready for a thrilling chase.