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Myrtle Beach International


Myrtle Beach International Airport offers Short Term, Long Term  and Credit Card (***best price option for long term) parking options. Republic Parking manages the parking lots on behalf of the airport.   Myrtle Beach International Airport offers designated handicap parking spaces for your convenience in all public & employee parking lots.   The special needs passenger must display appropriate license plates, hanging documentation, and must also be in the vehicle when exiting the lot.  Curbside porter services from Beach Bag are available if assistance is needed.    For parking related questions, call 843-916-9287.

Valet Parking

Drop off and pick up your car in front of the terminal from 4:30a.m. until the last flight

$25.00/day or  $5.00/hour

Short Term/Hourly Parking

  • 0-15 Minutes free
  • 16-30 Minutes $3.00
  • Each additional 15 minutes increase at a rate of $1.00
  • Maximum - $21.00

Long Term Parking

Automatic daily rate of $12.00

Credit Card (***Best Price Option)

  • Automatic daily rate of $10.00

Handicapped Parking

  • 1-Free Day (24-hour period) of parking, then standard rates apply; this is applicable for MYR’s short and long term parking 
  • To obtain 1-Free Day of parking, a valid handicap placard with photo must be present
  • Prior to arriving at the toll plaza the placard holder must fill out the back of the parking ticket with placard number, name, and telephone number.


Cell Phone/Inspection Lot

Federal Regulations prohibit parking in front of the terminal building unless you are actively loading or unloading. Myrtle Beach International Airport offers a stop and wait for free Inspection/Cell Phone Lot. This lot is for patrons to stop and wait free of charge for a phone call from arriving passengers. Vehicles may NOT be left unattended in the Inspection/Cell Phone Lot.  Tow Zone.

Unattended Baggage

Please keep your luggage and carry-on bags with you at all times prior to arriving at the airport and while in the terminal. Unattended bags will likely be confiscated and possibly destroyed by airport security.